• Self-directed and -motivated Ruby and PHP developer.
  • Experienced with building and managing websites including bespoke projects and e-commerce, and working with clients to deliver requested products.
  • Works well as a participant, facilitator or leader of teams and groups.
  • Has lived abroad (Middle East, West Africa), including three years with the US Peace Corps, and is comfortable working across cultural divides.
  • Liberal arts degree, including study of classical languages and music, western thought, mathematics and sciences.
  • Well-read, articulate individual capable of clear self-expression orally or in writing.
  • Proponent of the open source movement; avoids proprietary software.

Professional Experience

Founder & Lead Developer, Fadidi Digital Media, LLC.10/ 2012 – Present

  • Web Development company specializing in developing custom Ruby/Rails solutions for Peace Corps posts worldwide
  • Offers HostedPost, the managed DigitalPost solution developed by John Brown while at Peace Corps|Sénégal
  • Primary Projects (see portfolio for technical information)
    • Mounce Endodontic Supply (
      • Worked with owner to survey e-commerce options and select one appropriate for the business
      • Implemented an OpenCart installation in a shared hosting environment
    • Fadidi Website
      • Promotional website for Fadidi Digital Media

Developer & Designer, Peace Corps | Sénégal02/ 2010 – 10/ 2012

  • In the role of sole developer and designer, worked with staff and Volunteers at Peace Corps|Sénégal to develop project concepts, visualize initial design, prototype, test and release the DigitalPost web application.
  • As technical consultant, worked with staff to find appropriate solutions to technical challenges.
  • Worked with PHP/Apache/MySQL using XAMPP on a MacBook Pro
  • Developed Rails apps using VirtualBox Debian/Ubuntu
  • Ruby/Gem management using RVM
  • Primary Projects:
    • DigitalPost
      • Manages Peace Corps post online presence/assets
      • See portfolio for technical information
    • Google Accounts/Apps Administration
      • Managed suite of Google resources, including permissions, curation, and technical configuration
      • Unreleased Projects
    • Local Language Dictionary
      • Simple wiktionary aimed at technically inexperienced native speakers of local languages in the developing world (
      • Ruby/Rails app
      • Postgres-backed
      • Omniauth/Devise/CanCan user authentication
    • Google Public Data Explorer Volunteer reporting data
      • Experimented with the Dataset Publishing Language (DSPL) to display Peace Corps|Sénégal Volunteer reporting data
    • Support ticket system
      • Ruby/Rails app designed for two-way 'support' tickets between Peace Corps Volunteers and staff.
      • Enforces a 1-1 initiator/responder model to force transparency and accountability

Media Producer, Peace Corps | Sénégal02/ 2010 – 04/ 2012

  • Developed photos and videos for promotional and educational purposes, using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Photoshop

Agroforestry Extension Agent, Peace Corps | Sénégal08/ 2009 – 02/ 2010

Teacher & Touchstones Advisor, Brummana High School, Lebanon09/ 2008 – 03/2009

Rowing Coach, Annapolis Rowing Club & St. John's College08/ 2007 – 05/ 2008


Saint Johns College, MD08/ 2004 – 05/ 2008
Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts



  • Rails
  • Sinatra
  • CodeIgniter


  • Heroku
  • Amazon Web Services (esp. EC2, S3, Route 53)
  • Rackspace Hosting & Email services
  • Google Apps

Web Applications

  • Diaspora
  • WordPress
  • phpBB


  • OS X
  • Debian/Ubuntu/WattOS
  • Bash shell scripting (limited)


  • French (conversational)
  • Sereer (West-African local language, conversational)
  • HTML5 (advanced)
  • Ruby (proficient)
  • PHP (proficient)
  • CSS2 (proficient)
  • SQL (proficient)
  • JavaScript (proficient)
  • HAML


  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • ElasticSearch
  • MongoDB (limited)